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máquina de soldadura de tuberías de hdpe

máquina de soldadura de tuberías de hdpe

    • máquina de soldadura de tuberías de hdpe
    • máquina de soldadura de tuberías de hdpe
    • máquina de soldadura de tuberías de hdpe
  • máquina de soldadura de tuberías de hdpe

    Product Details:

    Certification: CE
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    Detailed Product Description
    Voltage: 220V/380v Current: 50HZ/60HZ Plastic Welding Ritmo
    Dimensions: 2600*1890*2000;2130*780*810,1400*1000*1550.900*510*520.860*510*660 Weight: 50kg , 200kg, 300kgs As Per Skc Machine Model
    Usage: Butt Welding Of Plastic Pipes And Or Fittings Made Of PE,PP, And PVDF

    SKC-B315/90H  SKC-B450/90H SKC-B630/315H SKC-B160 PE WELDING MACHINE FOR HDPE poly welding machine

    Plastic pipe butt fusion welding machine

    Hydraulic type hdpe pipe welding machine


      Rito welding machine hdpe pipe shengda 

    SKC HDPE Pipe Butt Welder / Fusion Butt Welding Machine

    1 Type: hydraulic automatic fusion welding machine & manual butt fusion welding machine

    2 Certificate : ISO CE

    3 OEM : Available 

    4 App: PE,PP and PVDF

    5 Welding Range : 50-2000mm

      maquina de termofusion mcelroy  pe welding machine

      termofusión máquina de soldadura

      máquina de termofusão

    SKC-B315/90H HDPE Butt Fusion Welding Machine

    Technical specifications

    butt fusion machines 
    Welding ranges: plastic pipes:90mm-315mm  soldador hdpe 
    Ranges of application: PE,PP and PVDF   workshop fitting machine 
    Working voltage: ~220V ±10%,50Hz  high density polyethylene welding 
    Total power: 4.95 kW, including: planning tool:1.1 kW, heating plate:3.1 kW, hydraulic unit motor: 0.75 kW;
    PTFE coated heating plate, adjustable knob for temperature control, difference in heating plate surface temperature ≤±7°. 
    Environment temperature: -10° ~ 45°  mquina de termofuso 
    Electronic count-down timer for heating and cooling time. 
    Whole machine consists of basic frame, heating plate, planning tool, hydraulic unit and support (for planning tool & heating plate)


    SKC-B315/90H  thermofusion welding machine



     Butt Fusion Solution--


    Field Welding MachineWorkshop Machine

    Electrofusion ProcessorFitting & Tools

    Equipment and accessories used for butt fusion of thermoplastic pipe.

    Butt Fusion Welding Machine is the name given to the process of heat fusion 

    by hot plate butt welding of PE,PP,PVDF materials. 





    SKC WELDING MACHINE  SKC-B Series Butt Fusion Machine

      Data logger for hdpe pipe butt fusion machine


    Model SKC-B2000/1400HC:   joining range 1400mm - 2000mm
    Model SKC-B1600/1100HC:   pipe joining range 1100mm - 1600mm
    Model SKC-B1200-800HC:   pipe joining range 800mm - 1200mm
    Model SKC-B1000/710H:   pipe joining range 710mm - 1000mm
    Model SKC-B800/450HC:   pipe joining range 450mm - 800mm
    Model SKC-B630/315H:   pipe joining range 315mm - 630mm
    Model SKC-B450/200H:   pipe joining range 200mm-450mm
    Model SKC-B315/90H:   pipe joining range 90mm-315mm
    Model SKC-B250/90H:   pipe joining range 90mm-250mm
    Model SKC-B160/50H:   pipe joining range 50mm-160mm
    Model SKC-B200/90M:   pipe joining range 90mm-200mm
    Model SKC-B160/50MS: pipe joining range 50mm-160mm
    Model SKC-B160/50M:   pipe joining range 50mm-160mm




    butt fzyon kaynak hdpe  kanak makinesi

    pipa mesin las dengan besi  - pe schweimaschine

    kaynak makinesi  kunststoffrohr-schweimaschine

    hdpe boru fzyon makinas fiyat

    More advanced, more secure and mnore reliable field butt fusion welding machine


    Maquina De Solda Para Tubo Pead Mquina de solda tubo de pead

    Mquinas Soldar PEAD maquina soldadura a tope


    SKC-B160/50m manual butt fusion welding machine


    hdpe mquina de soldadura a tope mquina de termofuso

    maquina fabricar curva o inox mquina de solda da tubulao de pead

    termofusion equipment maquina termofusion 500

    maquinas termofusion hdpe termofusionadoras

    termofusionadora termofusion hdpe maquina termofusion hdpe

    skc-b200/90m manual pe pipe welding machine


    termofusora machine tope pe

    mquina de termofusión mchine souder pour tube pe

    carro de termofusion termofusionadora

    maquina soldar tubo pad mquina de solda da tubulao de pead

    pehd machine souder termofusin mquina hdpe soldadora termofusion



    shg ritmo kwaliteit pe lasser shg450 fitting fusion welding machineshg welding machine

    hdpe pipe ritmo welding machineswelding machine ritmo

    ritmo 315 butt machine de souduremachine de soudage bout bout ritmo

    Butt Fusion Machine SKC-B160/250/315 Hydraulic butt welder/ poly pipe welder


     rothenberger butt fusion ritmo

    shenda dragon cnc

    plastic welding machine ritmo


    ritmo lasmachine yuda

    Butt Fusion machine SKC-B450/630  ritmo 315


     automatic controller for butt fusion welding

    automatic butt fusion welding machine 315 automatic butt welding machines

    pe automatic butt fusion welding machine

    hdpe pipe fusion welding machine

    automatic pipe welding machine water pipe automatic welding machine

    Butt Fusion machine SKC--B800/1000/1200 poly pipe welder/ termofusion equipment

     hdpe butt welder.jpg

    SKC thermofusion butt fusion welding machine

    water pipe automatic welding machine

    machine hdpe welding   fusion machine heater

    poly pipe welder plastic butt welding machine

    plastic pipe thermofusion machine

    1200mm hdpe water pipe butt fusion welding machine  -- field fusion machine

    pe welding machine.jpg

    maquina de termofusion a tope ptfe welding equipment

    thermofusion welding machine butt fusion welding machine skc pe pipe welding machine pe butt fusion welding machine

    hdpe pipe jointing machine

    hdpe hot melt machine

    pe pipe butt welding machine

    SKC PE BUTT WELDING MACHINE /PLASTIC WELDER  thermo fusion welding machine


    plumbing machine termofusion welding machine

    hdpe pipe butt joint machine welding machine hdpe pipe

    WELDING MACHINE FOR HDPE PIPE pe welding machine

    pe hdp pipe butt fusion welding machine hdpe pipe welding machine

    ritmo welding machine 315 h  MÁQUINA DE SOLDAR POR TERMOFUSIÓN

    800 butt fusion   1200mm hdpe water pipe butt fusion welding machine 


     skc-b315/90h pe welding machine butt fusion 355

    butt fusion machine skc-b355 butt welder 355

    skc-b315 / 90h shg315

    delta dragon 315 b tuyau pehd de raboutage machin

    1200mm hdpe water pipe butt fusion welding machine 



      SKC PE Pipe welding machine displayed at buyer warehouse   termofusionadora

     90-315 pe welding machine

    315mm hydraulic pipe fusion machine 315 MÁQUINA DE SOLDAR POR TERMOFUSIÓN
     water pipe fitting welding machine
    315 pipe butt fusion welding machine

    ritmo welding machine 315 h welding machine 315automatic butt fusion welding machine 315

    SAEMIN company was founded in 1990, South Korea, has always been committed to the R&D and production of plastic pipe welding equipment, She has a professional production. research and development base both in South Korea and China. The product has dozens of patents. SAEMIN has won the acceptance of global user, with the excellent quality , practical performance, and close perfect after-sales service. SAEMIN technical staff was alwas involved in the industry standard drafting of South Korea and China. The company has always ahead of the peer companies based on the constant innovation of the products. 


    Today, the company products have been successfully used in more than 100 countries and regions of the world. and with its competitive price and durable quality, SAEMIN was appraised as 'the wise choice' by the user. 

     Contact :   Allen Hao    Maquina De Solda Para Tubo Pead  MÁQUINA DE SOLDAR POR TERMOFUSIÓN

      mquina de soldadura de tuberas de hdpe


    SKC solda termofuso b 315machine souder rothenberger soldadora a tope

    soldador termofusao pehd machine soudermaquina cde termofusion hdpe maquina de termofusion hdpemaquina de termofusion baoda

    la soldadura a tope welding pe 90-315butt welder 315mm hdpe welding machine

    hdpe welding machine size 315 SKC mquina de termofuso

    hdpe welding machine size 90 to 315 butt welding hydraulic machine from 90-315 315 hdpe pipe welder

    Nuestras máquinas de soldar por termofusión son ideales para soldar tuberías de Polietileno de Alta Densidad (HDPE), Polipropileno (PP) los mismos que son usados en distribución de agua y gas natural.
    Tenemos modelos básicos y sofisticados (incluye Data Logger y automáticos) para diámetros de tuberías que van desde 40mm hasta 1200mm máquina de soldadura de tuberías de hdpe




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